About Five Star

Five Star Senior Living, a national healthcare and senior living provider headquartered in Newton, Massachusetts, proudly offers the highest quality service and care with the warmth and hospitality of home. Founded in 2000, Five Star has two major operating divisions: Five Star Senior Living and Five Star Rehabilitation Services.

The Five Star Senior Living division includes more than 260 Independent Living, Assisted Living, Alzheimer's/Memory Care, Healthcare Centers with Skilled Nursing & Rehabilitation and Continuing Care Retirement Communities. Five Star Rehabilitation Services include outpatient rehabilitation, day programs, and respite/short stay options.

With communities in over 30 states, Five Star is committed to maximizing our residents' independence and enhancing their lifestyles. Residents can choose from a range of programs that fit into our Lifestyle360 framework - a holistic approach to active senior living that focuses on 5 dimensions of wellness: Intellectual, Physical, Emotional, Social, and Spiritual.

Our Pillars

Five Star Senior Living distinguishes themselves through four key areas: Health & Wellness, Warmth & Hospitality, Dining & Nutrition, and Talent & Development. These pillars represent our promise to both the residents and team members at Five Star.
  • Health & Wellness »
    Five Star Health and Wellness represents the richness of our wellness programming as well as the quality of our skilled health care, including our industry- leading memory and Alzheimer’s care.

    Five Star Health & Wellness also includes our innovative Lifestyle360 program - a holistic approach to active senior living that focuses on five dimensions of wellness: Based on Maslow’s hierarchy of needs, a theory about how individuals work toward self-actualization – or becoming one’s “best” self - Lifestyle360 seeks to redefine how we look at our residents' health, personalizing each of their journeys to wellness according to their individual needs.
  • Warmth & Hospitality »
    Warmth & Hospitality symbolizes the welcoming environment we strive to provide each of our residents and their families. Five Star Senior Living is in the hospitality business.

    You can expect to find warm and comfortable accommodations in each of our unique communities across the country. Moments of surprise and delight abound and add to the quality of life of the seniors and families we're proud to serve.
  • Dining & Nutrition »
    Dining and nutrition reflects the exceptional dining experience we consistently provide, serving meals that are not only delicious and varied, but also healthy and nutritionally optimized for the needs of our residents.

    You've probably seen our executive chef Brad Miller on the Food Network or maybe even dined at one of his acclaimed Southern California restaurants.

    These days you're just as likely to find him in the Five Star development kitchen working with our community chefs to create new signature recipes, perfect regional menus and dream up innovative ways to redefine senior dining.

    Brad and his chefs are passionate about one thing: raising the bar for our residents with quality local ingredients, distinctive flavors and exciting recipes that are healthy, delicious and fun.
  • Talent & Development »
    Our newest pillar, created for the dedicated, passionate and hard-working team members, who make our residences' experience a true Five Star experience every day. We invest in our most important asset - people.

    We are dedicated to providing the learning platform and resources so that our team members develop the necessary skills and have access to the knowledge to excel and grow their careers. We tap into the deep expertise across Five Star Senior Living to deliver powerful, meaningful learning that helps our Team Members provide excellences in their service to our residents and unlock the full potential of themselves and our company. We continually strive to enhance the knowledge, skills, careers, and engagement of our team members in the relentless pursuit of outstanding service to our residents.

Our Values

From day-to-day interactions with residents and family members, to the larger business decisions made by our CEO, Bruce Mackey, every one of our 25,000+ team members is guided by our basic, yet essential core values.
  • We put people first.
  • We mind the business.
  • We work to be our best.
  • We act with integrity.
  • We listen - then act decisively
Learn more about Our Values »

"I have been working for Five Star at the Remington Club for thirteen years. As a nurse, I appreciate their core values and commitment to excellence. Five Star sets itself apart by their standards. I am happy to be a part of such a wonderful organization."

Raquel Mathews, Resident Service Director for Remington Club
Raquel Mathews
Resident Service Director for Remington Club

"It is a great feeling knowing I am surrounded at Five Star by professionals who have the same high ethical standards that I hold myself to. We work together to resolve concerns and to plan for the future of the company, my community and my professional development."

Donna M.Bell,  Executive Director at Brandon Woods in Lawrence, Kansas
Donna M.Bell
Executive Director at Brandon Woods in Lawrence, Kansas

"I have been in the aging services field for 16 years and feel very fortunate to be affiliated with one of the leaders in the Senior Housing industry. The amount support and resources available is unsurpassed. I appreciate the experience, knowledge, and caliber of my superiors and colleagues. I love what I do and am proud to represent 5 Star."

Kristen Kearnaghan, Executive Director for Remington Club
Kristen Kearnaghan
Executive Director for Remington Club

"I have had the opportunity to work for Five Star Quality Care for the past eight years, and have enjoyed the educational experiences and advancement opportunities that have been offered to me. There is a unique spirit of advancement from within the company. I am so happy to be a member of this organization!"

Melinda Skirvin, Regional Director of Operations
Melinda Skirvin
Regional Director of Operations

"I have only been at Five Star for a short while, but I have not regretted that decision. The staff is friendly, and I fell in love with my residents from the moment I first walked in. Five Star recognizes each of their employees' unique abilities and helps promote growth. Thanks for having me at Five Star."

Pamela Silverio, RN, BSN Director of Nursing for Remington Club
Pamela Silverio
RN, BSN Director of Nursing for Remington Club