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At the heart of it all, we are people helping people.

Double Quotes

Putting people first is what is most important to me. It’s like an unwritten rule that makes us stand apart from the rest and sets us up for success. Our team members, residents, and families always come first. Their happiness and comfort is what makes them stay.

Noelle L. (Executive Director)

– Noelle L. (Executive Director)

Double Quotes
Double Quotes

Relationships are built on trust. As we have a natural tendency to rely on a peer's character and strengths to earn our trust, it’s equally important we demonstrate our character and strengths so trust is cultivated both ways. Together, with trust at the forefront, we are able to achieve tremendous success with both resident care and experiences, as well as team member morale and professional growth.


– Alex (Business Office Manager)

Double Quotes
Double Quotes

I get paid to have fun! I organize events that bring our residents and team members joy. It is my job to create experiences that bring happiness to our residents and give our team members the opportunity to connect and share similar experiences. We put our heart and soul into this community.


– Dain H. (Activities)

Double Quotes
Double Quotes

I joined Five Star as a Maintenance Technician and am now an Environmental Services Director. I achieved this through hard work and many wonderful growth opportunities. I’m now learning new, exciting aspects of the business, while also being part of our phenomenal community. Five Star makes you feel like family and helps you grow in so many ways!


– Eric L. (Maintenance Director)

Double Quotes

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A Dedication to Putting People First

mark c.

Five Star teams pride themselves in being prepared for the unexpected, and this was no exception when Hurricane Ian battered down on Florida communities. Regional Director, Mark Cox and his team worked tirelessly to keep residents safe, comfortable, and entertained. “Resident safety was our priority. It’s why we do what we do. Never at any point did we not feel prepared…some residents never even knew there was a storm!” This close collaboration and unwavering dedication is a perfect example of Five Star’s ‘people first’ culture in action.

From Dishwasher to Executive Director

dave s

Dave has come a long way since starting with Five Star as a dishwasher 28 years ago. He’s since worked his way up from cook, supervisor, executive chef, and Food and Beverage Director to his current role as Executive Director. "I love what I do. I love the community and there's no one better to work for." Dave emphasizes to new team members that they will be making a difference in the lives of residents every day – a feeling unique to a role at Five Star.

A Career Path of Passion and Potential

debra d

When Debra Dunaway left her career in teaching, she looked for a part time job and found a position within a Five Star community as a receptionist. One year later, Debra applied for a Lifestyle 360 Director opening and has been thriving ever since. “I began at Five Star with a part time job, but it’s wonderful after a career in teaching that I could start a new career. It’s Five Star that allowed me to do that.” After 10 years, Debra’s passion for her career continues to grow. “I love being able to help others and make a difference in the lives of seniors.”

Many Ways to Make a Difference

jay j

Jay has been working in senior living communities for 19 years – starting as a cook and working his way up to Food Services Director. “I stay with Five Star because I love working with the residents and I love cooking. I’m able to do a job where I make a difference in their lives.” Another way Jay makes a difference in the lives of the residents is through training. “I also love training young team members and teaching them how to do the job and feel good about it.” Jay will do any job at the community and knows his team is willing to jump in and help as well.

Cultivating a Culture of Growth

eboni g

Eboni has been with Five Star for 17 years. Joining a community as a charge nurse in a skilled nursing unit, she then moved into the Assisted Living Director role which she filled for 13 years, and she is now an Executive Director. “I’ve stayed with Five Star for the last 17 years because of all the opportunities I’ve had to develop and grow.” Eboni loves to give her team members the opportunity to grow as well. “Whenever possible, I make sure we cross train our team members so they have the chance to take advantage of opportunities for growth”.

Same Community, New Opportunity


Tammy started as Business Office Manager and soon stepped into the role of Executive Director. Despite the growth opportunity, she had to make some personal changes. “I decided I needed to leave the community because I was looking to move out of state. In speaking with a colleague, I was encouraged to explore other open positions at the company.” As it turns out, an open Payroll Coordinator position would allow her to stay. “I love Five Star and was so grateful I could stay and continue to grow and help the communities in a different way!”

Finding Home at Work


Heather joined Five Star when she was seventeen years old. Beginning as a nursing assistant, she simultaneously was able to complete high school and obtain her college degree. Upon graduation she took on a position as a nurse, and soon after become Director of Resident Care. Heather had a baby while serving as DRC and after maternity leave, decided to take some additional time off. When she was ready to resume her career, she was thrilled to learn that a DRC role was open. She returned to Five Star and a community she considers home. “I love the community, team members, and residents so much that even during my time away I would go in and visit. They are my family.”


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